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About Us

SmartDefense KC is the result of my passion to get other women to carry.  It started with my  personal CCW experience and the struggle to find a good way to carry concealed on a small frame with hips.  I encountered many men, who though experienced and good intentioned, insisted the only way to carry is a way that DOESN'T work for most women.  Eventually I made a video detailing various holsters I had tried, hoping to save other women from the frustrations I encountered.  The more women I talked to about the situation, the more I realized lots of women would be more comfortable with a female instructor. 

My husband of 30 years has been hugely supportive of my efforts over the years, and joins me in this goal.  Even though my passion is to get women to carry, men are more than welcome.  We do not "male bash" in our classes. We just bring a woman's perspective to the game so that women can feel comfortable around firearms, something most men inherently already are.

It's as simple as "where there is a will, there is a way".  If you want to carry concealed, you can.  We can help!  Who are we?  Common, everyday people who want to help preserve the heritage, unique to our nation, that allows us to keep and bear arms for our own defense against both would-be attackers, and against those who would try to take that right away. Read on for a very short Bio.

Sue Lange,  Sr. Computer Network Engineer

Concealed Carry Holder, NRA instructor certified for Safety and Basic Pistol classes, RSO certified, Chief RSO Certified.  Trained at GunSite, APT, Defensive Handgun Enterprises, and Specialist Research and Training Group, just to name a few.  Credentialed in  the states of Missouri and Kansas.

B.A. in Computer Science from Wichita State, 37 years in the IT industry.  I work full time as a network engineer.

I'm not a police officer, or swat team member.  I did spend time in the Marine Corps but it was a logistics field.  I did more with firearms in high school JROTC. But if there is one thing I am very serious about it is my right to self-defense, and the responsibilities that come with that right.  Toward that end, I train hard and I train often.  Because when the spit hits the fan, you only get one chance to save your life or that of a loved one.

I am an all american patriotic woman who believes every woman should take responsibility for her own safety.   The second amendment applies to us ALL.  I believe in leading by example.  Ladies, you will appreciate that I don't think you have to dress like a guy to carry a gun for protection.  

I bring the women's view to the class.  I  also bring a civilian point of view.  Many say they think police should teach.  Maybe so, if you are talking about tactical training.  But I think the people who should teach civilians about carrying concealed are the ones who think, work, act, and live daily with the constraints of the civilian workforce.   Who better to help you cope with how to conceal your weapon than the one who does NOT get to wear it in open view?

Roger Lange, Sr. Programmer Analyst

Concealed Carry Holder, NRA Instructor certified for Safety and Basic Pistol classes, RSO and Chief RSO certified.  Trained at GunSite, APT, Defensive Handgun Enterprises, and Specialist Research and Training Group.  Credentialed in  the state of Missouri and Kansas.

Majored in Computer Science  at Wichita State, with minors in math, chemistry, and accounting.

Not a commando either.  Just another civilian teaching other civilians what works and what doesn't work so well.  Loves cats, thinks fast, and is a darn good shot.   Wears it well, never brags!

And Guys?  Don't worry.  Sue's emphasis may be to help other women, but men are welcome too. I'm here to answer your questions about guys and how concealed carry works for them. Between the two of us, you will learn all you need, and then some!

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