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Additional Training

Sensible Firearms ownership and concealed carry starts with the proper training.  Missouri does not require you to obtain any training simply to own a firearm and in fact, such a requirement would be against your Constitutional Rights, i.e. "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."  Imposing any kind of 'prerequisite" is an infringement.

Still, common sense tells us that since a firearm is a deadly weapon, a certain amount of training is necessary for the good of all the people.  Therefore to carry concealed as a means of personal protection does require both safety instruction and  indoctrination to the law so that you will know when you are justified to defend yourself, and so that you don't harm any innocent lives in doing so.

But responsible firearms ownership requires much more.  CCW in Missouri is not enough. The requirements afford each student only about 20 minutes of actual practice.  If you've never used a firearm before, that is not enough.  For that reason, I do offer follow up classes, by appointment, in which we focus on the specific use of your chosen firearm. The cost for that training is $25.00 for a 2 hour session plus $10.00 for the range fee. You must supply your own handgun and ammo.  Each class is customized to your particular needs.  Call me at 816-880-0576 to discuss this option. 

For the more experienced shooter,  ask yourself another question:    If you encountered an attacker out in the open with no way to retreat, would you know how to safely shoot ONLY the offender and not accidentally hit an innocent bystander?  If an attacker were loose in your home, between you, your family, and a safe exit, would you know how to systematically locate  family members and secure them in your 'safe room' while waiting for the police?   And should the intruder continue to approach, could you stop him or her  without harming a family member?

For these and other situations involving the use of your firearm, you need tactical training. We do not teach tactical courses.  But civilian tactical training is available at many schools, and it can range in price from very affordable to very expensive.  We look at tactical training as necessary, and we treat it like a vacation.  Sometimes we do a weekend getaway, sometimes we take a "cruise".  We train every 6 months.  You should take some kind of tactical training at least every year because shooting is a perishable skill.

We are particularly partial to the following schools.  We have been to others but these were the most consistent with what we believe to be best practices:

Defensive Handgun Enterprises - Tom Berry of Parkville, MO
APT Academy - Bill Johnson of Galena, MO
Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona
SRT Group - Bill Regina, Kansas City

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