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This page will be used to bring to your attention industry related information that I think is either interesting, alarming, amusing, or just curious.  The format will change with the content.  It will be updated...occasionally!

Today's topic:  
    Is mainstream media really trying to force a gun-control agenda?
    Consider these two clips and decide for yourself!

After tne Newtown CT incident  the current administration could not wait to introduce more anti-gun legislation, in fact, it had already been written  before that incident happened, just waiting for an opportunity to be shoved down our throats.  In all the main media outlets, videos abound of tearful parents begging for "something to be done".  But the wrong something is not helpful, nor is it even legal.  Below is a video of Bill Stevens, also a Newtown CT parent who testified in state hearings that what they were about to do is NOT lawful by our constitution.  His comments were NOT carried by ANY of the main stream media outlets. 

Interestingly, during the same hearings, a father who lost his son in the shooting also testified.  He asked a question, perhaps rhetorical, "Why does anyone need these military style weapons and high capacity clips" (He meant magazine, he just didn't know that).  After some silence people began to answer.  But MSNBC edited that testimony to make it look as if gun-right-advocates were "heckling" him!  Watch the before and after clip below.  Keep in mind that MSNBC was also guilty of editing the 911 call on the Treyvon Martin case.  Regardless of how we feel about ANY issue, our media is supposed to print the truth.  MSNBC clearly does not know this, does not know the truth, and is interested in advancing their agenda regardless of the truth.  But this begs a question:  If  their stand is right, why do they need to fabricate evidence to support it?  Be VERY afraid of an agenda that has to be misrepresented in order to be palatable!  And be VERY concerned when our media deliberately falsifies a report.

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