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For Other Instructors

An awful lot of people view this as a competition.  I'm not like that.  My goal,  my only goal, is to help other women learn to carry and take responsibility for their own safety. 

I do that first by setting the example, and carrying concealed myself.

I do that second by making training more approachable.  So many instructors are former military, police, swat team, etc.  As I tell other women, there's nothing in the world wrong with that; that is valid experience with firearms, and with legal issues.  But their skills don't speak to the woman who has none of those backgrounds and wonders "can she do this"?  I can help with that lack of confidence by addressing concerns from an "everyday" woman's point of view.  Very often women remark to me that they feel intimidated by firearms because it's not a world they were brought up in.  Conversely, they assume all men know all about firearms, and so they feel nervous around male students and instructors alike.  It's not the fault of the men.  It's just how many women react to firearms training.  Having an experienced concealed-carrying woman either teaching or assisting with the class helps them "connect".

I am an approved CCW instructor in Missouri and Kansas, and have completed the NRA BIT, pistol safety, RSO and CRSO courses.  If you want a female RSO for a course, please contact me.  If I'm available, I'll assist.  If you have some employees you'd like to put through the RSO course, please let me know and I will run a course for them. I don't charge for this service.  If you use my services and find them helpful, I'd appreciate a donation to the Jeff Cooper Legacy foundation
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