Smart Defense KC, LLC

If you're gonna carry, carry smart!
Protect your 2nd amendment:
Join the NRA

Services Offered

  • Missouri and Kansas Concealed Carry training, primarily for women (but men are welcome, too!)  
  • Focused One-on-One sessions to build confidence when firing your weapon
  • "Try before you buy" from a number of weapons and calibers. Test fire to see what suits you before you go shopping for a handgun of your own
  • RSO services.  If you are a CCW instructor and would like a female RSO to help with your classes, , call.  I don't charge for RSO work.
  • Public Speaking: I perform public speaking for educational purposes at no charge.  See the 'public speaking' link on the left.

Please note:   Scheduled courses are offered through Frontier Justice.  I teach ladies CCW the second Saturday of each month.  Give them a call!  (816) 336-2600.  I also offer private classes for groups of 4 or more.  Give me a call at (816) 880-0576
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