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Public Speaking

The most important thing we can do to preserve our freedom to defend ourselves is to educate the public at large.  In order to help in this area, I do provide public speaking services.  I do not charge for this service.  If you have a group that you think would like to have someone come talk about various pro-2nd-amendment topics, please contact me by email or call 816-880-0576.  Below are some of the topics I am available to present:

Safety Topics:
Basic Handgun Safety
Safety in the home
Safety around Children
What happens now that no permit is required in Missouri?

Ethical Issues:
Is self-defense a right or an obligation?
Does the Bible allow for deadly use of force in Self-defense?

Practical Issues:
How do I hide this thing?
Selecting a good defensive handgun

Political Concerns:
How do I defend my right to defend myself?
Second Amendment – a right in peril
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