Bring to Class:

  • Valid MO photo id showing current county of residence
  • Hand gun or guns*,  fully cased unless you are using our handguns
  • Note paper
  • Pen or pencil

Bring to the Range:

  • Hand gun, or guns*,  fully cased, unless you are using our handguns
  • 40 rounds of ammo if you are using your own handgun
  • ball cap
  • safety glasses
  • ear protection 

*Please note: We are not gunsmiths!  If you bring your own handgun, make sure it is in working order before you come to the range!

Smart Defense KC, LLC

If you're gonna carry, carry smart!

Schedule a Class

If you are serious about learning to carry, we can help.   Pre-Registration for classes is a must.   You can preregister with the form below, or call me or email me using the "Contact Us" link to the left.  

Classes cost $125.00 each, plus some incidental costs as needed for equipment such as eye and ear protection.  (Please see "How much does it cost to get a CCW"   on the FAQ page for additional cost details.)  I do also offer discounts for groups.

Classes take about 8 hours.   Range qualification  can take from 1 - 2 hours depending on the number of students and their skill levels.  Please be sure to review the panel to the right regarding what you should "bring to class". 

You must be 19, a US citizen,  and a resident of the state of Missouri to take this course. You must meet Missouri Requirements to obtain a CCW.   Please review them before you sign up for the class.  Please read the refund policy as well. After you review all the policies, scroll down to the form below to enroll.  You may pay with paypal or, you can use your credit card using the paypal link.  You may also pay your balance by check or cash the day of the class. 


Unless otherwise noted, classes are held in Independence MO the address is 201 W. Lexington #100, Independence, MO 64050


I am currently conducting the shooting portion of my classes at Frontier Justice 


I have to rent a classroom and the range, whether I have 1 student or 20.  It is not cost effective to run a course with too few students.   Owing to previous no-shows and last minute cancellations, I must request payment up front.  Fees are refundable less a $25.00 deposit, if you can't attend after you've reserved your space.  Fees are fully refundable if I am forced to cancel for any reason.
 Schedule A Class

Enter all the information requested below, and check the boxes indicating you have read and can meet all the requirements for the courses.  Click "submit" to reserve your space.  Once you have reserved your space, click the "buy now" button  below to pay for your class.

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Date of Birth: *

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hand gun make/model:


I have read and meet the requirements for a MO CCW


I have read and agree with the refund policy


I have read the disclaimer and will sign it in class

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You do not have to have a paypal account!  
Click "BUY NOW" to pay for your course  on line.  You will be taken to a paypal page but once there, you can pay with a standard credit card if you wish. 

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