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Useful Sites

Current Events and Activist Forums, General Forums,  and other interesting perspectives
        NRA (No one defends your rights more vigorously!)
        The Truth About Guns (hard hitting stories and facts about your 2A rights)
        Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (Education at its finest!)
        The Second Amendment Foundation (who else is defending your rights?)
        GunCite (a wealth of information about your rights and how to defend them)
        Missouri Concealed Carry Forum
        Ladies Concealed Carry Forum (post questions and get good answers)
          Christian Gun Owner (I don't agree with all of his writings but most of it is spot on)
        Answering the myths/arguments about guns (use this when people look at you funny)
        US Concealed Carry
        The High Road (a forum for tons of information you need)
Self Defense Stories (That The Media Won't Tell You About):
Guns Save Lives
The Armed Citizen
Women's Sites:
Kathy Jackson's Cornered Cat (This is THE PREMIER site for women's concealed carry)
Packing Pretty A woman's view with a no-nonsense touch
Armed in Heels STELLAR info on women's carry products
The Girls Guide to Guns (just plain fun to read!)

Women and Guns Magazine The info just keeps on coming, fresh each week
Armed Females of America Forum, articles and a wealth of information
Prevention and Support  for acts of violence against women
Home on the Range positively the most comforting writing for women CCW
The Well Armed Woman a great site for practical and serious concerns for women 
Local Gun Shops
        Great Guns, Liberty MO
        SnapShots, North Kansas City MO
Local Ranges
        Parma Woods, MDC outdoor range
        Frontier Justice
        ShowMe Shooters
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